Revenue stream and rewards overview (How we generate yield)


  • C-Token LP yield and emissions

  • C-Token LP trading fees

  • C-Token NFT holdings

  • Passive yield on collateralization holdings

  • Mint & Redeem Fees


  • Collective Finance and external project NFT holdings

  • Future NFT creation/sales


  • Trading Bots

  • Liquidity mining and yield farming

  • Liquid staking

  • Select NFT holdings (on and off-chain revenue)

  • Advanced trading (borrowing/lending/leveraged positions)

  • Select altcoin holdings and protocol participation

In the Future

  • Off-chain VC/Private Equity positions

  • Blockchain Mining/Validator Nodes/Master Nodes

  • Tokenized/digitized renewable energy projects

  • Select cross chain participation

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