Creator and holder of C-Tokens


The vault is the first of three key revenue components in Collective Fiance. Its long-term goal and objectives are to slowly and steadily maximize returns while mitigating risk. Like the Treasury and Portfolio, the Vault is a multi-level yield-earning asset. However, it functions in a very unique capacity. The Vault will hold a portfolio of asset-backed tokenized commodity representations such as gold, silver, and diamonds, which will then be used for liquidity provision. This means these assets can then be freely traded and staked to earn yield. Well-guided participants of the project who choose to stake our NFTs will be entitled to a fractionalized share of the Vault’s earnings.
Through a combination of C-Tokens and stablecoins, liquidity (i.e. Vault-owned liquidity) will be created for trading to commence, providing an opportunity for the Collective Finance Vault to earn direct rewards.


* 20% of net proceeds will be used to reinvest and increase the Vault’s positions before being distributed as follows:
The objective here will be to continuously grow the vault holdings and C-Token liquidity while providing yield and rewards, which will eventually be returned to protocol participants.