👼Seed/Angel round

Initial funding & seed round offering


Start-up capital is an obvious requirement for any new project, and Collective Finance is no different. What is different, however, is the special package that Collective Finance has built for its Angel investors and the key role they will play in the protocol’s decision-making process. Angel capital is not just about acquiring funding and financial backing, but also about benefiting from the experience and intellectual support to help the project in attaining its goals and objectives. With this in mind, Collective Finance’s Seed/Angel package is designed to provide an excellent premium and potential for exponential return, with a keen eye on protecting our Angels and helping their position(s) grow steadily over time.

As a salute to all Angels and their true value, Collective Finance has created “The Angel's Table”. This special feature will function as a de-facto oversight-type committee, similar in function to certain aspects of a Board of Directors. All Angels that contribute during the Angel Round will be included in “The Angel’s Table” (unless they request otherwise) and each Angel’s voting power will be equal to their percentage of the total Angel round raise.

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Angel Table Benefits

  • General oversight of the Vault, the Treasury, and the Portfolio.

  • Roadmap guidance.

  • Governance Voting on new C-Tokens.

  • Governance Voting on decisions being made for the future of the project.

  • Developmental input on future on and off-chain revenue streams.

  • Early access to any future C-Token capital raise/funding opportunities.

  • Alpha and Exclusive Voting Rights for future C-Token implementation

  • Exclusive Discord Roll and a warm welcome to “The Angel’s Table”

  • Private and exclusive Discord chat access

Main Details

Pledge $5000 or more USDC or USDT to Collective Finance

  • Receive exclusive Angel NFT

Angel NFT Rewards

* 20% of all profit from both the Vault and Portfolio will be used to compound and grow positions before being broken up and distributed. This is to ensure constant growth for the revenue streams.

  • 25% of the profit generated from the Portfolio, distributed monthly.*

  • 25% of the profit generated from the Vault (excluding mint/redeem), distributed monthly.*

  • 25% of all Mint/Redeem profits

  • 50% Discount on Mint/Redeem (ability to front run the entire market for arbitrage opportunities)

  • Up to 5% of initial C-Token liquidity will be distributed to all Angel NFTs after 60 days

Angel NFT Bonuses

  • Future option to lend/rent out NFT

  • Periodic bonus reward distributions based on Treasury net profit

  • Dedicated percentage of all future capital raises (on a case-by-case basis)

  • Instant WL for all future token/NFT sales.

The percentages (%) will be re-evaluated on a yearly basis via Core Team + Angel’s Table

Curated Investment

The details above outline the basic structure of the VC/Angel Round. For each individual VC or Angel, the values may vary slightly. For example, a capital investment of $10,000 may get a 10% premium while a capital investment of $50,000 may get a 50% premium.

Anyone that is looking to enter the Angel round for amounts of $50k+, please contact the team in order to negotiate a custom structured Angel package. Email: info@collectivefinance.io Discord: GoldDoc#7054 Chrome#0003 Telegram: @GMmonky

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