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Meet The Team

Our team at Collective Finance brings together years of on and off-chain experience and has a track record of successful business operations. Our Founders help operate numerous multi-national businesses and have real-world success in fund-raising and revenue generation into the millions of dollars. This unique skill set and experience will serve as a foundation of success for Collective Finance and its community.

Crypzom - Zachary

North American multi-million dollar business owner & operator. Entrepreneur with fundraising and operations management experience. Specialist in agricultural research and renewable energy exploration. Angel and Defi investor. Refi entrepreneur and enthusiast. Time zone – MST

Doc – Bryan

Real-world physician and clinical scientist. Entrepreneur and multi-national business owner. Experience with executive-level management with multi-million-dollar business operations. Extensive experience with fundraising and seed round investing as well as product development. Defi and Angel investor. Precious metals enthusiast. Time zone - EST

NP – Xiong

Defi operator with executive-level experience in protocol development and oversight. Technical expert with coding experience and integration as well as developer management. History of successful project development, initiation, oversight, and management. Entrepreneur with successful capital raises experience. Crypto trader and investor. Time zone – GMT +8

Chrome – Jacob

Entrepreneur with significant defi experience including project architecture and development. Specialist in operations and community management. Crypto investor and trader. Commodity connoisseur. Time Zone - PST


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