Revenue stream of on-chain, yield generating assets


The Portfolio is the second key component in the Collective Finance ecosystem and will be entirely focused on generating revenue outside of the project, this will be done through select investments best suited for safe and consistent yield. We believe that with these various holdings, the Portfolio has the potential to provide significant yield/rewards for both the project and NFT holders. In the near future, participants and others who are curious about the performance of the portfolio will be able to track and monitor its proficiency at any time through the Dashboard.
Over time, the Portfolio's holdings will be further diversified into some of the areas below. This process will not only come under the guidance of the Core team but also The Angel's Table and governance. Portfolio revenue streams may include (but are not limited to):
  • Liquidity mining and yield farming​
  • Liquid staking
  • Select NFT and altcoin holdings
  • Bot Trading
  • Copy Trading


* 20% of net proceeds will be used to reinvest and increase the Portfolios positions before being distributed as follows:
Initially, the focus will be to grow the Portfolio substantially by mainly compounding the rewards. Thereafter, NFT holders will be able to vote to change the percentage sent out as rewards. All Collective Finance users who choose to stake our NFTs will be entitled to a fractionalized share of the portfolio's earnings.